Enniskillen General Store is Family owned and operated since 1840.

Serving Big Scoops of Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream.

Home of the Big Baby Ice Cream.

A photo of several scoops of ice cream in a Enniskillen custom bowl

Our History

Enniskillen General Store was built in 1840 which first started as the local Canada Post Office which developed into a general store for the needs of the community.

A few different families have owned and operated Enniskillen General Store.  The Slemon Family (John & Jessie) seemed to own it the longest (we don’t have exact dates but 1900-1976).  They also had a butcher shop and the only meat locker in the area. People would have their meat stored in Enniksillen’s Large meat locker in the basement.  From 1981 – 2014 the Hann Family (Doug & Linda) owned the store. Since 2014 the Sheehan Family (TJ & Jessie) have owned and currently operate the store.






Custom Ice Cream Cakes

Your custom cake can be made from any available flavour of ice cream, with your choice of trim colours and a selection of decorating options for most popular occasions. 

Photo of Ice Cream Cake